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Website Speed

We all know the situation when you’re searching online, often with Google, and the site you’re looking for in Google looks very promising, based on the “snippet” you see in Google. Then you click and wait …. and when you’re waiting, the time goes a little slower suddenly. Any idea after how many seconds you lose your patience and go somewhere else? Many people experience slowness when they wait more than 3 seconds. And that’s not just at home on the couch, but also on mobile. A fast loading website has even more advantages.

Speed advantages

  • Visitors are pleasantly surprised at a fast site
  • Conversion is measurably higher for faster sites
  • Google appreciates site speed positively in ranking
  • People stay longer on your site if they feel it’s light and responsive (including search and checkout)
  • CMS of your site works better, increasing productivity

Known issues

It is a known problem, your site is slow and the consequences are there. What happens when a site is too slow? Well, the reverse from above, so it’s bad for your e-commerce performance. On hosted platforms, this problem is less common than when you have an open source or self-built shop. There is also a difference between mobile usage of your site and just (desktop) visit. In general, all the sluggish elements are even more slow on mobile. The cause of slow web stores can be diverse, but some things to look at:

  • Very large (product) photos.
  • Lots of visitors
  • Slow server
  • Badly configured server or software

Test your website (or the shop you want to purchase) with the Google Pagespeed Tool. This tool gives a grade for the speed of your site. For many improvement points, a developer needs to update your site to improve it. There are also known or common problems (such as slow Magento web store), which are sometimes difficult to solve or where you really need the right expert, sometimes at substantial cost.

Purchase or sale

When buying an existing web store, one also takes over the content, server & software. A good (fast) web store has more value than a slow one. If you have technical knowledge or expertise, there are opportunities here as well. For a seller, the reverse applies: Increase the value of your site by creating a shop that performs well. 

If you take over a (slow) e-commerce site then you can also choose to migrate to a better platform. Old open source or self-built web stores are difficult to improve and often expensive in maintenance. In such a case, there is a need for content migration and continue the shop on a new site.

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